Going In To In & Out Now


    On the weekends, I go in to in and out mold.  I'm still on, and will visit the site, but I will go right back off again.  Then I'm back on Monday, and will start doing my normal posting again, until Friday.

    The reason why I'm going in to this mode now, is because we're supposed to start having severe storms, at 4 p.m., and will go through Friday, as several storms through out the day.


    I want to be safe, and keep my computer off, and unplugged during the storms.  We'll be getting a lot of rain out of this storm, and a possibility of tornado's.  Even though we live in a part of Nebraska, that's on the edge, but not quite in, of Tornado Alley, we do have our shares of them.


    You all have a beautiful weekend!!


    God Bless!