• On for just a few minutes.  We had lots of rain, a whole lot of rain, and another storm is on it's way, the clouds are rolling in, and making it seem like evening out side.


    This time, North East Lincoln was hit.  Lots of tree damage.  I'm leaving a URL for you to check out all the pictures and video's.  One of them, the first one as a matter of fact, will have you thinking,  I'm glad I wasn't there!!


    The rain fall received was between 7.1 to 7.6 inches.  We got over 7 inches, but the exact amount wasn't shown.  The heavy rain was between Fairbury, Barnston, and Lincoln.  Beatrice is dead center of those towns.  Meaning we live exactly 35 miles from each of those towns.  Fairbury, is to the West of us, Barnston is to the South and slightly East of us, and Lincoln is to the North and slightly East of us.


    Here is the URL:


    God Bless Your Day!