• My glasses cost more, than what I get every month from Social Security.


    The prism strength has weakened, so yes, I need new glasses.  I usually go 2 years, before I need new glasses, but this time, just a little over a year.  I started seeing double and knew I need to get a check up.


    The frames were the cheapest they had there, and they were $30.00 more than the frames I have now.  I paid $160 dollars, for the ones I have now.  The new ones cost is $190 dollars, I got a promotional discount, and ended up paying only 145 for the frames alone.  The lens themselves came $353 dollars. 


    I paid a total of $498 dollars for the glasses.  Ouch, that's $47 dollars more than I receive from S.S.  I sure hope the new pair lasts longer than a year!


    God Bless your weekend!


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  • Crystal Roeden
    Crystal Roeden I hope they do too! I saw something about glasses and it said the same company pretty much has a monopoly on that market even though they market their stuff under different names. They said that's why they can charge so much. I've even heard that with...  more
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