First This, Then That

  • We did it this morning, so there would be less people.  I wanted to get a compact Disc Player, so when I do my exercise (riding a stationary bike)  I'd have music to listen to.  I was riding it for an hour each day, just peddling away, but the seat on it is so hard.  I wish it was cushioned, lol!  Thursday, I was so stiff and sore, that I took a break.  So, when I start riding again, it will be twice a day, 30 minutes at a time.  It just might be better.


    I got the player, and the other things I needed, went through the self check out, paid for all I had (or so I thought), by debit card.  I thought I'd scanned the Disc Player through, because it was no longer where I had it.  It had fallen down into the larger basked of the shopping cart, from the small basket of the shopping cart.  Since I didn't see it in the small basket where I had it.  So, we started out, and the alarm went off, and......I looked down and discovered the C.D. Disc player laying along side a grocery bag, and I knew right away what happened, I picked up and showed it to her, and told her, I forgot to scan it.  She looked at the receipt, and said yep, you did, so I went back to the self checkout, and used the machine closest to where she was checking the people leaving, and paid for it.  Gary, bless his little ol' heart won't let me live it down, he says he'sgoing to tell all the Grandchildren, that Gram's is a shop lifter, who got caught, lol!  I know he's teasing, so I'm going to let him have his fun.


    And now that:


    Did you hear about Seattle?  I'm thinking a new Mayor is going to be elected next time around, since she ordered the Police to lay down their arms and back away, and CHOP took place.  Well, CHOP is no longer.  They went through the area, ordered the people to clear out, started tearing down the tents, and just plowed through all those people that took over the park there, and other areas.  If the people protested they were arrested.  No violence by the Police Officers, though there was violence from some of the protesters, who were arrested.  It looked like the who Police Force was there to clear it out.  They are in possession of their department once more.   There's going to be a lot of work done, in clearing up the damage, but once it's done, that part of Seattle will be beautiful once more.


    After hearing about Seattle, Lincoln and Omaha got smart, because they did the same thing.  Cleared out the areas, when the protesters took over, and cleared them out.  No violence on the part of the Police Officers.  The protesters, who reacted with violence, were arrested!!  Great new to hear!


    Florida, is going through another shut down, the beaches are closed, and so are the bars. 


    Clay County Sheriff says he'll deputize gun owners if the department is unable to handle all of the protesters, that are threatening to protest.  Gary says he might lose his job, but he does have the right idea.  I agree with him.