The Storms Have Passed

  • The storms started earlier, around 2 A.M., one after another through the night.  A couple of heavy rains this morning, clearing up about a half hour ago.  Thankfully no strong winds, or damage.  Since it's late in the day, the next study will be tomorrow.


    I'm going to post a beautiful song, for today.  It's called Above All.  I remember the first and only time I posted it before.  That was in my Multiply days.  I also remember someone commenting on it.  This person said, "I hate this song.  He sings it as if he's the only one who was saved."


    I wrote back, "He's made this song personal for him, and he wanted to share his feelings.  Why don't you?  Take this song, and listen to it, and make it your own personal song, that's why he's sharing it."  I don't know if this person did like I stated, but I know for sure one thing.  I did.