Busy Schedule Kept Me Away

  • Well I got all my shopping done, and bills paid, until next month.  As a matter of fact, unless I have a Dr. appointment,  I stay home, and out of danger.  I have an appointment Thursday, a little before five, and that's it.


    When  I finished my shopping, and went back to the grocery section, to find Gary, I heard him call out, but couldn't see him, and I looked everywhere, except toward the exit.  He called out again, "Over here!"  Then I looked toward the exit, and there he was, walking toward me.


    There were two other people with him, that I wasn't even paying attention to at first, but then I looked again.  My oldest daughter Michelle, and my son R.J.  They had come down from Lincoln, because a friend of his, wife had a Court date, so R.J. offered to bring them down, since they didn't have a car, and Michelle came along for the ride, and brought bean with her.


    R.J. decided to stop at Walmart, to pick up a very nice bouquet of flowers for me, before coming over to our place.  Luck was with them though.  They saw Gary, and we had a nice little visit there.  Out of the way of others.  It's a good thing, because if they had come to the house, they would not have been let in.  We want to stay safe.


    We walked on out of the store, to the cars, they were parked just across from where we parked.  We got my things into the car, then walked across to their car, to say hi to bean.  She's such a tiny little mite.  I bet she doesn't even weigh a pound, soaking wet.  Though they tell me she weighs three pounds.  A miniature teacup Chihuahua.  Precious baby is covered with grey hair now.  She's 14 years old, I think that's what Mickey said.


    It was nice to see them, and I do enjoy the pretty flowers he bought me.  Going now.  Back tomorrow morning at my regular time.


    God Bless!