9-11 Never Forget | Clarksville, IN 47129


    Instead of my normal postings, I'm doing this, in memory of 9/11:


    The year was 2001.  I received a phone call from my Daughter-In-Law Heather.  She asked me if I had my television on, I told her no.  She told me, turn it on now!  I turned it on, just in time, to see the second plane hit the second twin tower.  The first one already had a plane that crashed into it.


    First Plane flight number 767.  Second plane flight number 175.  Taken over by 19 militants of the Islamic extremist group El Quada.  The passengers on those plane knew they were going to die, and started making phone calls home to say good bye. 


    Another plane, flight number 77 circled downtown, and crashed into the Petegon Headquarters.  Again, passengerws called home to say goodbye. 
    125 people were killed at the Pentagon, in the building, and on the plane.


    A forth plane, that never made it to it's destination, the White House in Washington D.C.  Flight 93.  They knew they were going to die.  The hijackers didn't know that there were unsung hero's on that plane.  Those hero's decided to take the plane back, to keep it from hitting it's target.  Thomas Burnett Jr., Todd Beamer, both passengers, one of them was a police officer, and flight attendant Sandy Bradhaw, did an insurrection of the plane.  It crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania.  The passengers fought the hijackers, gaining control, and attack those who took over in the cockpit.  The plane hit the ground at the speed upwards to 500 miles per hour.


    Number of deaths at the twin towers were over 2,000, close to 3,000 people.  71 were police officers are among those who died that day.  343 fire fighters also died that day.  Engine 54 Ladder, Battalion 9, in Midtown raced to the towers that day, and all 15 men on duty that  day, died.


    Way too many people have forgotten that day.  I never will.