Good Morning Everyone!

  • I do hope you all are having a beautiful day!  We woke up to stormy weather this morning.


    I found a message waiting for me, and thought I'd better explain something.  I don't do messaging unless it's to a family member, and not very often at that.  In other words, the family member will need to leave a message to me, and then I'll respond.  That's it.


    I have many friends on line, the majority of my friends here are males, and that will stop me in my tracks of leaving messages.


    I would be more than happy to read your posts and comment, but for some reason, I'm not seeing any posts from my friends, except for 3 of them.  On one of my friend's (Brother Doc), I don't respond to on here, because I have him as a friend on 2 other sites, and I respond to him on only 1 site.


    I do hope I start seeing my friends posting on here, so that I can comment and say hi!!


    God Bless!