• This is especially for all you men, who have requested friendship with me.  I don't mind that you've requested friendship, what I do care about, is those men, who think they can start up something with me, like an on line relationship, that can grow in to something.


    I have my avatar up with my husband, for a reason.  To keep you men in line, letting you know I am not available, for any relationship, except for being a friend.


    I came on line yesterday, and a friendship requested on Friday, was blocked yesterday, because the person, a male, left a message.  It wasn't bad, but it was to me.  A hi beautiful will get you blocked.  I don't like to block, but I will, when it's necessary.  And it was to me.


    A few rules about me:


    1.  I don't message, unless it's family.  No one on here is family.

    2.  I will not accept any abusive language or slander of any kind.  I show respect, doesn't matter what race or culture you are.  You are respected.

    3.  If you are looking for more than friendship with me, then I ask that you unfriend me, because it's just not going to happen.

    4.  If you leave a comment on my site, I will respond back.  If you post a blog, make it so that it's showing on the blogs section, so that I can see them, and be able to respond.  I'm not ignoring anyone on here, it's just that I'm not seeing anything you're posting, and this includes my females friends.  I'm not ignoring, I'm just not seeing what you post, and therefore, I'm unable to respond.  I have my postings open for all to see.


    God Bless your day!