• Romeo and Juliet, who could remember? Who could forget?
    You put on a woman like you put on a smile.
    You wear her proudly till she’s out of style.
    You give her wings with simple words (I love you)
    Nothing the rest hasn’t already heard.
    You look in the mirror and like what you see,
    “This handsome devil smiling back at me!”
    Montague, Capulet, something to laugh at and then to forget.
    You brought out the best and brought out the worst.
    You took all you could get, but then you’re well rehearsed.
    Armed with every lie that could fit in a song.
    You’re a broken record, a beat gone wrong.
    What you say and what you don’t,
    Hands that prey, heart’s at fault.......
    You should’a been better, you should have been still,
    You should’a been’re way too shrill.
    They never shared the same bed, you know,
    This mixed up couple, Juliet and her Romeo.
    Love is strong when love is fresh.....
    Then comes a time when he wants his pound of flesh.
    I’m not cryin’ cause I don’t care.
    I knew who you were when you led me there.
    Sometimes I gamble to prove myself wrong,
    Then I smile inside once I’m alone.
    So transparent like the hottest flame,
    Excuse me sir, I didn’t catch your name.
    Yesterday’s bleeding into tomorrow again......
    I bet against me and I win again.
    Temporary me, stacking the deck.......
    Lincoln logs, it takes two sets.......
    Get along cowboy, go settle your debt.
    I can’t win if I don’t play.......
    I’ve gotten really good at walking away.
    What was that? You’ve nothing to say?
    Maybe you’ll remember on some rainy day.