Belief systems and free speech

  • I was raised missionary Baptist and it's the closest thing to my belief system, not because I was raised in that church, but because I've read the Bible and that church best fits what I believe.

    I did some time in Utah and I think some people were expecting me to research Mormonism and then write a book about it.  I wrote a book, but it's about my personal experience of being harassed by some unknown entity that I have yet to know for sure what it was all about.  I had no intention of making a spectacle of myself in their wards or in the workplace or anywhere else.  My personal belief about the religion is that it was a hoax designed by a very clever man who wanted power and recognition and decided that creating a religion would be a good way to achieve both.  But how do you express that opinion to someone who grew up their entire lives with complete faith in what they have always been taught?  Moreso, how do you express that opinion to someone of that faith without having a war on your hands?

    The important thing to me is that we live in a country where they are free to worship as they choose, but then, so am I.  When people of a different faith read what I write, would they think I'm writing to incite anger in them depending on the subject matter?  For example, if I wrote about Daniel, considering they have a sect that they call the Dannites, are they going to think I'm directing what I write about the prophet as something I'm insinuating about them?  The only thing I can say in regard to anything like that would be that since the Dannites are mormons, they have access to the food bank.  

    I think of the prophet Daniel and how he successfully weathered the reigns of at least two kings without being killed or harmed and at the same time he kept true to his faith.  If I had power to request anything from the Dannites, it would be to co-operate with those who don't want to take the mark of the beast, which is a sign of worship, which will happen after the rapture, I would want the Dannites to co-operate with the new believers or those who reject the sign of the beast and help them to be able to survive the hour of temptation by helping them to have food and the things they need through some kind of barter system.

    When I think of the Dannites I don't feel anything.  There is no anger or malice in me at all.  I was asked to leave Utah and so I left.  Someone online asked me and then my mom called and said I should come home before David put me out in the snow.

    I thought she knew something I didn't.

    perhaps later I'll talk about my Christian perspective as one who studies the Bible about the tribe of Dan.