Things I believe.........

  • I believe physical beauty gives an advantage to people.  I believe a man is more vulnerable to physical beauty than a woman is.  Men will strut their stuff to impress a beautiful woman, they will brag to them and they will go down fighting for them.  Yes men, I think your heart is in your groin.

    I believe Jesus wasn't physically appealing so that only people who look beyond that would be receptive to him.  If you will remember, Jacob worked seven years to win Rachel but her father gave him Leah because she was older and unmarried and he said the younger could not be married until the older was.  Rachel's father told him if he worked for him another seven years he could have Rachel as well.  You see, Jacob was blessed in whatever he did so their father wanted to keep him there working for him.  Jacob had a counter offer:  He would work for their father the other seven years but as reward for doing so, he wanted all the critters that weren't perfect.  The ones with spots and such.  The old man reasoned that there weren't that many of those types born so he agreed.  Jacob knew of a plant that if he let the flocks feed on it, they would have spots and such so in this way, he grew his herd and earned his pay.

    Which leads me to think on Job.  Satan and the Lord were both watching Job very carefully and they had a dispute about his inner character.

    I think Job might have been the most righteous man on the planet but the thing was, he was proud of how righteous he was and pride, as it turns out, is a sin.  If you read what the Lord finished his sermon with, it was the Leviathan........the father of the children of pride.  In essence, he was a force to be reckoned with.

    Jesus had a heart for imperfect people.  People like Job complained about his choice of company the entirety of his ministry.

    Is it possible that physically attractive people don't get much sympathy for inner wounds?  Is it possible that when things happen to people like that that the imperfect people rejoice on the inside even as they tsk tsk it on the outside?