• However it all happened, I had irritated the Mormons because I said that if it was true that the lost tribes of Israel had come to America to escape persecution, then logic would follow that the American Indians were the true lost tribes and not all these white people who claimed to be the true ancestors of Abraham.  That's not a very popular message but I couldn't help it that Joseph Smith didn't think these things through when he penned that boring book we call the book of Mormon.  The Pearl of great price was better reading but I abandoned studying it because early on I found too many things in it that didn't jive with the Bible.

    David's girlfriend, Sandy, seemed to be much more adept at using social media online to motivate people to do things that they didn't even know why they were doing them other than the message went out on social media and bunch of people responded.  We came home two days in a row to a crowd of either mexicans or middle eastern people milling about on the lawn and David acted as if it was a normal thing.  When I mentioned it to him he said, "You want to invite them to a BBQ?"  I think he was referring to me telling my online friends that we should get together sometime for one.

    You have to understand that David liked teaching lessons.  I hated the warm coat he got me at Deseret industries because it looked like the Michelin man, but it was warm, he was right about that.  The time came when he wanted to buy his kids some clothing and send it to them.  I suggested we look at Deseret industries and he had a fit, he needed new clothes for the kids.  I asked him why used stuff was alright for me but they had to have brand new stuff.  He ripped up my coat and bought me a flashy one that wasn't warm at all to teach me a lesson.  He'd moved us to Utah I think to teach his kids a lesson about them not coming to his house for visitation that he had with them.  In my part of the world, that's called "cutting your nose off to spite your face."

    To complicate things, it appeared the "drug dealer" upstairs was under investigation and because I looked out a window when the road outside had cop cars there over a public disturbance involving him, I was surely being scrutinized to see if I was in on his dealing.

    Then there was the phone call from my mother, "If you don't stop talking to these kids about me like you are I'm gonna come to Utah and kick your ass."

    It was late at night or early in the morning, whichever way you look at it, and I was up alone in the apartment in the chatroom online.  As usual there was some covert hostility that only I could understand because perspective is everything and I had the benefit of seeing my world in living color.  The threat had loomed about David's life being disposable and in what manner.  Fine for online talking, until you're walking home and see a truck with a hysterically laughing man behind the wheel and you get the impression he's heading to that intersection they were talking about.  I had quit talking to David about such things since he thought it was normal to have a crowd on the lawn, if he thought that was normal, all these other things surely would be to vague to even talk about.  Did I mention my life insurance policy?

    It was sizable.

    I knew someone upstairs was in the chat room and spying on the chat room but I didn't know who they were or why they were spying, the thought of that crowd never left my mind.  The time came when they quit knowing what color my underwear was after they pulled the camera from the fireplace.  I heard the noise when they pulled it.  I smoked some pot but I wasn't a drug dealer and the only drug dealing I knew about was going on with someone I knew at work and it wasn't her, it was her sister and she was loud about telling me about her.  Her lack of discretion about something that should be private, her lack of concern about the future of her sister astounded me.  I decided she wasn't the type of person you trust with your secrets.  The only person I repeated anything to was David but I didn't tell him everything she said.  They had gone to high school together.

    So I was in the chatroom and feeling a  little/lot threatened.  Then I read, "Would you kill yourself and save your whole family or let someone kill your family and save yourself?"  My state of mind wasn't good so I picked up the gun and put the business end in my mouth and I sat there in the dark trying to decide what to do, trying to tell myself they weren't serious but knowing from past experience with people like them that they very well might be extremely serious.  As I was trying to decide what to do I heard an explosion of noise from upstairs, someone was choking and slowing stomping across the ceiling, choking the whole time.  In my mind I could picture them being restrained by the throat trying to get away from the restrainer.  I took the gun out of my mouth and trained it on the ceiling above me thinking I could save that person if I just knew where to shoot.  They made it to the door and then I heard a thud.  Then I heard water running, as if to clean off a knife, at least that's what I pictured.  The person I thought was upstairs the entire time spying was no longer in the chat room after that.  They had been there in a private sector capacity I thought.  Why did it happen after the bug had been pulled?  Was the room supposed to be empty?  Were there people in it that weren't supposed to be there?  If I called the police would they all have a laugh at my expense and label me crazy like the police at home had done to my mom?  Insanity had, in fact, been settling in.  I'd been sane enough years of my life to know the difference.

    David somehow had slept through the whole thing.  If I called the cops and it was real and they caught the guys, what about all their friends on the lawn?  They would come after me if I ratted out the murder(s) upstairs.

    No one knocked on the door later to ask me if I'd seen or heard anything suspicious.  They didn't after I'd left either, if they did David never mentioned it..........I asked the mouth at work if anything had changed since I'd left........all was quiet on the western front.

    Once I got to MS.........someone had followed.  Either he was there to set me up, or I'd failed him in retrospect.  I didn't fail him a second time.


  • Apostle Dr. T
    Apostle Dr. T There are 12 Tribes One ins Ephraim the USA the Other is England Manasseh, and 10 other countries which are 10 tribes. People think they are lost but they are not.
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  • Crystal Roden
    Crystal Roden I have an aunt who said when they crossed the Caucasus mountains is when they got the name "Caucasians." I don't know for sure any of that, but if that is true........then: 10 And I took my staff, even Beauty, and cut it asunder, that I might...  more
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  • Crystal Roden
    Crystal Roden Also there is this: Ezekiel 37:16 Moreover, thou son of man, take thee one stick, and write upon it, For Judah, and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick, and write upon it, For Joseph, the stick of Ephraim and for all the...  more
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  • Apostle Dr. T
    Apostle Dr. T Good Morning Sis. Roden, look at the Scriptures tjhat talk about Ephraim, and look at Manasseth. You will find many things listed for both Tribes match too the USA and Britian. Then you should cross reference those Scriptures and do a good research....  more