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  • I wrote extensively about my feelings and thoughts in a place called Yahoo360, then in a place called Multiply and then I've written some things in a place called Facebook.........

    Robert Greene kept up with me on Multiply and then wrote a book about human nature and a lot of what he said in it sounds like my thinking.  I hear he gets called to advise people all of the time about how to handle employees and he SAYS, even small countries.  Thing is, I don't know if he paid my kind of life.  It's okay though because when you have the emotional scars I have then maybe it clouds your way of thinking too much to be the kind of person to do what Robert is doing these days.  I just hope he's learned compassion, he seemed extremely lacking in that when I interacted with him.

    So that's why I put what I've been working on out there for all to see........that way it can be stolen.  I can't be bothered with much.  Disappointment is my life, it makes me more "creative," don't you think?


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    F. Eloise Dunn Creative? Maybe, but it also shows that you're meeting your problems head on, and overcoming life's rocky road, with a gentle path that is set before you by the Lord.