• ABOUT - Harold King

    O what a great day to be well healthy and excited about helping others increase their income and seeing family and friends achieve their desires and dreams in life! I moved from the Atlanta area in 1999 to Chattanooga basically to retire from life’s many years of hard work and rest from traveling so much. Why Chattanooga? Chattanooga had picturesque of magnificent mountains scattered across the horizons and the many exquisite valleys in between not to mention the lakes, the mighty Tennessee River plowing through this great industrial city turned tourist attraction. I like the weather except when it is too hot. Boating on the lakes and river is the order of mine any day. There are various special spots to go fishing and grill out enjoying the outdoors immensely. O let’s not forget my number one relaxation opportunity is performing enthusiastic music on the mighty Hammond Organ in church. I have spent 70 years in this pleasure of life. The last 20 years has made me a Chattanoogan!


    I have been in and out of various businesses and other income opportunities and made a good living and affecting a host of other people. These opportunities provided good living conditions, family atmosphere, attending church gatherings, extensive travels performing music, vacations galore in many unique places across America and Canada and many islands of the Caribbean Sea … ‘The America Dream’.

    Without going into details, I was one of many victims of a large company that was managed by a few greedy people. The fallout and financial devastation was widespread and very painful. Overnight I had lost my stock that I had retired on. So I had to start all over. Yes I took my self pity party and let it run a short course then moved on the next part of my life. Now I am involved in this home-based business today helping people to find their way to better living conditions working from home.  I vowed never to let anyone else have so much control over my life again. So I have created more than one income avenue to have financial protection.


    I will always be protected from the unknown. I found a Mentor who quickly became a great friend. He has had an incredible success in Network Marketing and he has shown me how to be successful too. It’s a fun business with an amazing community of like minded people. By just following a simple system we created a reliable income! It is a business that you can work part-time or full-time with step by step support. If I can do it… anyone can do it.

    I’ll never have to look back for a ‘side business’ again. Let’s work together on your ‘side business’ in behalf of your family, your friends, your church, your non-profit charitable organizations who can use a nice income for support.

    JOIN ME AND GET STARTED NOW! Get connected with me asap. Harold at