I want more of You

  • My prayer 

    Lord, when You delivered the children of Israel from Egypt and they got to Hebron and camped there. You commanded them to cross over the Jordan river because they have been there long enough. I feel I have been in this position and at this place for too long. I am hungry for a authentic move of Your Spirit, to see the wonders that only You can do. I don't want to camp at Hebron anymore because this is not my destination, my destination is the Promised Land. Although Hebron has much to offer, I know Your plans for me is to take me to a land flowing with milk and honey. So here I am Lord, desperately crying out to you for more. I am tired of the status quo, tired of faking, tired of believing a lie. It is time to cross over. It is time for deliverance, breakthroughs, breakouts! It is time to lay claim to what You have already given to me. I am hungry for more of You. So I ask Lord, that right now, if there's any thing in me that is preventing me from crossing over, that you will shake it off, shake it out, shake it down. Send the earthquake of Your Spirit to turn up, root up, pluck up, overthrow anything not of You and after the rumblings are ceased, help me to find rest in Christ, and Christ alone. Do it now. Do it speedily, lest I die, for I am holding on to the last thread of hope. I cry out to You, Father, hear me, and answer my prayer. In Jesus' Name. Amen


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