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    Praise is the most effective and communicative ammunition of war in the life of a believer.As some and most will look into fist fights and the word of mouth to counter attack the enemy, but a believer should always stand on praise to be able to garner exuberant and satisfying results without a sweat!

    There are reasons to offer praise to the Lord, and praise can do mighty things that no man or thing can to appease the soul, mind and body.

    Let us see three reasons you can offer praise to God!


    Our God is a good God, and blesses us everyday with extraordinary blessings. Being thankful for all He has done is reason enough to praise God,not a single day passes by that we cannot be thankful or we cannot see His goodness in our lives. The Lord is the giver of life itself and that alone should give you praise for another day given so that we can glorify God! The Psalmist in psalms 91:1 says I will give thanks to the LORD with all my heart and I will tell of your wonderful deeds! In appreciation to the wonderful deeds the Lord has done, give thanks and let it be known upon the earth that the Lord is gracious to His people!


    An offering of praise can be sent forth to the Lord in a time of battle. There are so many battles we fight and will continue to fight as long as we are in this world.Some might be spiritual and some can come in a physical form whereby one will rise against you at no fault of yours.What can we do in such a case when the battles of life have encompassed all around us? We praise! A sacrifice of praise can create a shield around us to cover us and protect us from all dangers from the enemy. So many times God covers us and shields us from a variety of disasters and we are not even aware of just how He intervened on our behalf! We can see an examples in 2 Chronicles 20 of Jehoshaphat defeating the Moab and Ammon. We can see how they praised their way into victory from their enemies!



    We can also sing praises unto the Lord for Who He is! There are so many traits to the Lord and non in heaven and on earth can be compared to Him! When one thinks of who God is and His Mighty works upon our lives none can withhold to offer praise to the Lord. The Lord is loving and that alone overs everything that and everything when thinking of praising Him. I know from our relationships we would love to have someone that will love us in all cases and not withdraw that love no matter what! When we give a comparison to man and God, we come to realise that no matter how good we are and how much we try top please mankind there will come a point that the love will be affected in one way or another. But with God, His love is always fresh and new and will never go back on His love to us and His word of love to us.

    So always develop a heart of praise to God in whatever situation you might be in, because that is His will in your life and always remember God is perfect in all His ways!