• This is a time that God is getting ready to rebuild His Church again. For some time now God's temple has been in ruins, there has been a cry from the people of God for change to take place. So many souls are near to exhaustion and depletion in the spirit for revival to take place. Souls have become weary, souls have become dry and thirsty,there is a deep yearning for much more from God's people! The Lord is now calling the Zerubbabel of this time to get ready in rebuilding of His temple.Though the Temple is in ruins, God is starting the rebuilding process! Haggai Chapter 1 & 2 is a reference to what God is doing!

    God has already made a call to certain people to rise up and start the rebuilding process. For some time the house of God has been neglected, souls have been neglected but God is arising with a new set of people in mind to do His work! The Lord is reviving and calling out to the forgotten souls, souls that have stood for what is right and true! Souls that are of humble and contrite spirit. The Lord is moving with these to raise a generation that will bring revival to a new level! There will also be a clean -up of the temple of God, for there are some who have been used by the Lord but are led by pride and have ended missing the mark of God. For these God is giving a second chance to humble themselves and to work in humbleness with His people for the restoration of His church. But this is also a warning to them that a revamp will take place if repentance does not occur of which God will use others that are willing to walk in humbleness.

    This is a time that God is remembering His people who have worked behind the scenes in calling unto His name on behalf of His Church and the saints of God! People who have cried to God for re-awakening and revival within His people, people who have been persistent in prayer for something new. God has heard their cry and is getting ready to bless His Church!

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