New to Xapit.

  • I am new to Xapit and never did Facebook.
    First post ever. Didn't want FB since it is censoring at will unfairly.


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  • F. Eloise Dunn
    F. Eloise Dunn I'm on face book, and the only censoring I see there, is because people make a complaint on a post. Face book will leave the post up, but only you can see it. You can challenge it, and face book will take a second look. If they agree with you, then...  more
    Sep 10 - Report
  • Larry Odell
    Larry Odell Can't figure out how to respond to F. Eloise Dunn. Trying.
    Sep 11 - Report
  • Larry Odell
    Larry Odell Looks like that worked! So, I have heard FB censors or deletes comments "they" don't approve of. Censorship of any kind is wrong.
  • F. Eloise Dunn
    F. Eloise Dunn No. They don't. The only time comments are deleted, is if they are on a post that someone has complained about, and that post is deleted/censored, otherwise they remain up. Now if a person doesn't like the comment that was posted on their site, they...  more
    Sep 27 - Report