Friend requests

  • I have a lot of request from males to be friends. Each one of you may be wonderful people, but, I don't know that. So, don't think I am not a friendly person if I don't accept you as a friend, I am just cautious. 


  • Debra WOOD
    Debra WOOD Iam also new and am cautious. Youre not alone.
  • F. Eloise Dunn
    F. Eloise Dunn I've been on here a while. I've accepted all requests, men and women. Most of the time, the men are honest. They see your profile, and know if you're married, or not. They are also respectful. Only 3 times, have I had to end a friendship, by...  more
  • Mimi Jasper 
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    (1) without...  more
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