Gardening in Alaska

  •      Gardening in Alaska takes a strategy. With God's inspiration and enlightenment I know we can pull through. I desire to flourish in growing: gluten-free grains, grapes, peanuts, asperigus, squashes, cucumber, unique peas, medicinal herb parenials, small seed grains like black cumin and the most risky melons. We're putting a lot in the ground, let's see what comes up.

         My husband and I have taken master composter classes, an arctic food storage course, a produce safety course and have extensive research into verietys that may prove to be worth thier salt up here.

         Taste and see that the Lord is good. I wish to share my excitment.

         If you have stories of fruitfulness I'd love to hear them! Just message me, or post here if that's doable.