The Commendments of Jesus Christ

  • Well kids, it looks like my desire exceeded my ability. If I post the teaching in segments, say one typed page per posting, it will take about 78 to 79 postings. Not a viable option.

    Therefore, in order for one to get the entire teaching as a single issue I have to direct you to my web page – hope you don’t mind.

    The URL is:


    Once there you will have to join in order to download the entire article.

    Then enter the following url (so you do not have to search for thread):


    The system will not release the teaching to non-members. I don’t have an option for this.

    After downloading you can delete your membership if you desire to. No problem. However, if you wish, feel free to review the contents of the forum. If you find anything of interest, feel free to add your own thoughts, comments, etc. You will be most welcomed to do so.