• I TESTIFY! Holy Spirit moved me to write this just now!

    Rotten, bad, and hard core

    Used to run around looking to score

    Used to be so about me me me

    Thought this was the way I'll always be

    Spent days and nights raging with a steady high

    Seeking to devour, kill, or die

    No conscious, evil, curly haired girl

    Hatful and hating on people and this world

    But God

    His voice I heard

    Showing me love I didn't deserve

    Turned this heart of stone into something more

    Proves to me I am born again

    That all of me is part of His plan

    My loyalty to my vanity disappeared

    Now the Holy Ghost fills the atmosphere

    I fall into hate more times than I like to admit

    But that Fire in my soul empowers me to submit

    I know I am everything you people hate

    But God says He has changed my fate

    All because I surrendered to Jesus, the master of my faith.

    I may wake up hateful, the strongholds pulling me back to that grave

    But I am born again and SAVED


    God is not done with my story!

    It is Him in me that helps me start again

    Redeemed by Him and forgiven AMEN

    I've surrendered my worldly identity and the voices in my head

    Because I'm transforming by eating His Daily Bread

    I sacrifice my feelings to keep it biblical

    Because I'm a walking miracle

    How God feels about me is so much more important than what people say

    It is only Him who I obey

    I will not hurt, I will not harm

    For I am forever wrapped in His arms

    Beautifully broken, being molded by His very hands

    He is the only one who accepts and loves me for who I am

    Being sanctified, You build up my testimony

    So boldly I go to be Your Ambassador 

    To proclaim who You are, what You've done 

    For You are Holy Holy Holy!

    Jesus Christ

    You rule my life

    Sojourners on this earth

    To spread Your message of new birth


  • Cindy Poster
    Cindy Poster I'm new to XAPiT and am trying to figure out why is it only showing a portion. Are you able to read the entire entry?
    January 13, 2021 - Report
  • Vivian Lott
    Vivian Lott WELCOME CINDY; the Lord bless and keep you everyday!
    January 13, 2021 - 1 likes this - Report
  • Vivian Lott
    Vivian Lott Cindy; You caught my eye AGAIN with that poem you wrote up top. Cindy if you have given your life to the Lord ,all that you testified to is NOW HISTORY and a TESTIMONY to someone else who has not accepted Christ as yet, be that blessing you want to be.....  more
    January 13, 2021 - 1 likes this - Report
  • Cindy Poster
    Cindy Poster Yes, I have! HALLELUJAH
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