The Streams Are Coming Together

  • The streams are coming together.
    If you take exception with a certain ministry in another stream,
    squash it and get over it! If you don't, you will be left to the side
    and your stream will move on without you while you dry up on the bank.
    The streams are converging and turning into a mighty rushing river
    that will not be stopped or slowed down. The converging of the streams
    will move quickly and sweep away the debris and bring a cleansing.
    The old sediment is being washed away. This is the old divisions
    and offense amongst the streams that created ungodly divisions
    and schisms that ought not have ever been, but formed due to
    personal revelations that became larger in the eyes of man
    than He who gave the revelation. This is done. I will say
    again, lay aside your opinions about your brothers and sisters,
    your opinion is worthless to Me and has worked against MY
    Plans and Purposes. I have tolerated it, but that TIME is done.
    Get ready for a new day and a new way, for I am cutting a new
    path for this mighty river. Let go and be swept along with
    the new path WE will cut together.

    2:12 a.m.