Different Assignments: Same Goal

  • November 3rd, 2020 is a day that will not be soon forgotten. January 6th, 2021 will go down in infamy and mark a day that deeply divided the Body of Christ and the Nation.

    One group says, "The prophets were wrong!" The church leaders in that camp, some of whom prophesied a win for President Trump, have either repented and have commenced with their explanations about where we are now, or written op-eds about how Trump supporters in the Church are involved in idolatry and why it is the Body of Christ's fault, mostly amongst the lay person, that we did not get our promised outcome. We didn't repent enough, we didn't fast enough, we didn't pray enough, we didn't pray for Gods Kingdom to be established, we prayed for our own interest, we prayed for the temporal outcome of an election, we didn't seek God's face and pursue intimacy with Him, and so, we didn't win the brass ring. Our reward is another 2 years with a corrupt Legislature and 4 years under an oppressive anti-Christ regime. Thanks a lot commoners of the non-five fold variety! You ruined it for all of us! This, along with a call to those who still believe the fulfillment of the Word of the Lord will come to pass to abandon that hope, there are accusations that hope is being placed in conspiracies and false hopes saying that a spirit of deception has fallen upon them. That is the message from many who want to draw back from the promise of God. So now, we must work toward 2022 and 2024 to primary the corrupt RINO's who let us down and build the third party, prophesied by Kim Clement along with President Trump winning a second term by the way, in the midst of a rotten and corrupt to its core election system that will now be used to manipulate every election from now until Civil War or Jesus comes back, which ever comes first.

    The other camp hasn't let go of the Word of the Lord. They are still believing that God will turn this situation around and is not bound by the laws, seasons, or timing of man or of the precedents and norms of the United States of America. This camp does not ascribe to the idea that there wasn't enough prayer, or that the Church didn't pray according to Gods will. They believe that there was enough and prayer and fasting and that the Church showed up in the prayer closet and at the election booth. Really, for the first time in a long time, the Church represented and didn't stay home or silent. This group is refusing to bow down to the circumstances and what is seen with natural eyes. Their prophets are taking a verbal stoning on social media from all sides. From the other Christians who say we didn't earn the fulfillment of prophecy (as if we could earn anything from God), from the censors of social media, and the unbelieving World at large. Their response? "We will stand, and after having done all to stand, we will stand therefore! I know what God showed me, and I am not backing down."

    In both camps there are prophets and seers claiming that God spoke to them and that Jesus visited them in His physical form, and have been told, face to face from Jesus, the exact opposite instructions. So, for us poor ignorant, non-five fold ministry simpletons, where does that leave us? Why, after 70+ years of the Healing Revivals and Word of Faith movement and teaching does the lay ministers of the Church feel like they can't hear from God for themselves? Are we lazy? Are we not sincere in our desire to know God? Or is it something more akin to our Leaders convincing us that we shouldn't expect to be able to hear God as good as them? Because after all, we need to submit to leadership and be orderly. But, isn't that how cults take root? An uninformed ignorant group of people who just believe what they are told without doing any searching for truth on their own? So, I would submit to the reader, the lay ministers have been lazy! We have depended on too many in the Five-fold ministry to do what we are called to do. But, I would also submit to the reader that the Leadership has enjoyed the status and endowment of importance that has been placed on them produced from the laziness of their followers.

    Today, I would like to propose that both camps have a job to do in our current situation. Those who believe that we need to work on the political grass roots efforts to elect new, non-corrupt representatives from the dog catcher all the way up to the U.S. Congressional Leadership, are correct. Also, keep in mind that the strategies of God will be valuable in this endeavor as well. But, I would ask that this camp not despise the other camp for continuing to believe that God will perform His Word spoken through the Prophets. Somehow coming to the conclusion that because they are believing God to work to do what human beings cannot would make them inert and unwilling to get up and do the necessary work that the Body of Christ must do to take and occupy the land is wrong, unfair and cuts you off from a large group of people who clearly are willing to commit to a cause and stick to it. I would ask that you recognize that we can do both. The Body of Christ must attack this very undesirable situation from a natural political strategy and continue to believe that God will give us what was promised and take back what was stolen from us; the Presidency that should have Donald J. Trump in it.

    The Biblical account that comes to mind for this situation is Nehemiah. We must build the wall and fortify our city with one hand and be girt, ready to fight, with our sword on the other hand. We are on double duty Church. The sooner we realize that, and do what we should, both in the Natural and the Spiritual and stop taking on a third front by fighting each other, the sooner we will get some clarity of what our part is in the plan of God for ourselves as individuals, and as the Church Triumphant in our respective Nation.

    This situation is not only having a negative impact on the Church who reside in the United States of America. Which is another point I would like to highlight, it has not been the Church in America only praying regarding the outcome of this election. That is another reason I would submit that there was a lot more prayer that went up regarding the plan of God than we may ever know until we get to Heaven. If you would adhere to the accusation that the Church in America is spoiled and lazy and untouched by persecution, I would point out that the Church that lives outside of America are industrious and battle-hardened by comparison and did not pray in the selfish undisciplined way that is suggested by some Leadership that would like to lay the blame of this outcome at the feet of the Church in America. I would also like to point out that if followers are not performing to some level of proficiency, might those who lead them take some responsibility for that as well? 

    This does not have to be one or the other. We are one body with many parts and assignments, and various gifting, callings and talents to accomplish all of the strategies of the Lord for this Nation and all of the Nations of the Earth. Stop back biting and demanding that people abandon their Faith and Hope and get in line with the new normal. If we are the Church of the Living God and have the Authority that Jesus said we have, then we decide what is the new normal. So, will we have misery and mayhem, or will we have reformation, victory and Glory?