Agree With My Words

  • Word from the Lord, January 26, 2021

    Do not twist My Word to fit and support your narrative! My Word is empowered and designed to contain within itself all that it needs to accomplish what I sent it to do.

    I have given mankind the power to speak his world into alignment with the words of his mouth. When you align your words with My Words and My Will, you and your words and the confession of your mouth cannot fail. But! When the words of your mouth are in conflict with My Words and My Will, your words will be crushed in the confrontation.

    Come back on My side. Get back in agreement with My Word, My Will and My Plan! The reward of the wicked will be great and terrible, says the Lord.

    Repent and turn away from your own intellect. Lean not to your own understanding. Do you think that you can explain away My Plan with your intellect? Do you think your understanding is greater than Mine? I have been laying the foundations of all of My plans before time as you understand it existed, says the Lord, and the time has come for My Plan to be manifested in this matter.