Spiritual Minute Men

  • February 8, 2021 Word from the Lord

    Find out the will of God and pray according to it! I said what I meant and did not speak in riddles or codes. It is My will that Donald J. Trump occupy the office of The President for the United States for America! I said it through my prophets and expect My Church to take their que and marching orders accordingly. Do you remember what I called the generation that was in doubt and unbelief? I called them a wicked and perverse generation! Where there is not faith, there is sin. Faith is the only way to please Me. When I arrive on the Earth to gather My people, My question is, will I find faith? I promise you, I will, because I will NOT come for a faithless bride. I will not be coming after a bride who is wicked and perverse and full of doubt, unbelief and strife. Be Holy as I am Holy! Be strong and courageous, full of faith, full of the Spirit of Might. Set your face toward Me and My commands. Resist the enemy of your soul and of your nations. The enemy is stripped left powerless but for his ability to deceive. Do not be so easily tricked. I have given you every weapon, every tool, every provision to defeat him. Take up your weapons and stand against the enemy. Praise Me! Declare by My Spirit the end from the beginning. My Father is ready, on the edge of His throne, waiting for My Church to wield the Authority. The Authority of My Name, the Power of My Word, the Covering of My Blood. I am marching across the face of the Earth calling to the Spiritual Minute Men to come out from their slumber to fight and take back their nations for the Glory of Our Father. Wake up! Rise up and join Me in the fight! You ask Me, "how long Lord?" But I am asking you, "how long must I wait for you to realize how much Power I have given you?" Use it or lose it. Be the generation I made you to be. We are at the finish line, don't give up now! Let's finish this race together says the Lord and laugh as our enemies crash and burn in their own snares. Ha! ha! ha! ha! They are a pitiful bunch and I laugh at their destruction.