True Prophecy or just what we want to hear?

  • Are we choosing to hear the truth or what we want to hear? This is always a dangerous thing, especially when prophecy is concerned.

    Paul told us to not have contempt for prophecy, but test them all. (1 Thes 5:20,21)

    The mark of a true prophet is this: The prophecy comes to pass. If it didn’t, the prophet is a false prophet. It’s that simple.

    In the Old Testament, God instructed that false prophets were to be put to death.(Deut 18:20). This is how seriously God takes when someone speaks something He didn’t command them to speak.

    I’ve heard prophecies that Pres Trump would be re-elected. Then, when it didn’t happen, something would happen within 12 days. Then, when that didn’t happen, Biden would not be seated. Well, Biden is sitting in the Oval Office.

    There are false prophets who are spouting untrue predictions and all it does is make people more resistant to any prophecy.

    We need to not be so desperate to believe what sounds good and put prophecies to the test. If they do not come to pass, they are false prophecies from false prophets. It’s as simple as that.

    Jesus told us in Matthew 7 to beware of false prophets. We would recognize them by their fruit. A true prophet will not bear bad fruit.

    The outcome of the election has concerned me, but we should still use the Bible as our compass and be careful of some of these modern day prophets. Some are true prophets, but some are not.

    If we’re listening to a prophet who’s prophecies don’t come to pass, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate.