Knowing Jesus

  • When asked what my role is in the body of Christ I quickly respond "Ambassador for Christ".  My heart's desire is to be the very best ambassador for Him so Holy Spirit leads me to study scriptures that help build a picture of Him in my soul.  Another way I get to know my Jesus is through encounters with Him during life's unexpected situations.  Recently the enemy attempted to kill my son not once but twice but God would not allow it and worked multiple miracles of protection that kept my son from destruction.  Here's what I learned about Jesus during that time.  For the past few years I had consistently prayed Psalms 91 over my family but on the day of my son's first accident I got busy and forgot.  After his second accident, four days later, the Holy Spirit stirred up righteous anger in me at the enemy's attacks and lead me to used my authority "in the name of Jesus" to destroy the enemy's plans.  I prayed in tongues and made numerous declarations about my son's destiny as a child of the Most High God.  However there was this thought that my forgetting to pray Psalms 91 that day somehow contributed to the events.  Without intending to I made praying that promise a part of why Jesus keeps it but because He who began a good work in me is faithful to complete it He corrected my thinking.  While driving home He said "You know that you praying that promise is not why I'm faithful to keep it.  I keep My promises because Faithful is who I Am."  Joy bubbled up within me and such peace came over me.  Once again Jesus had removed a burden that I had placed on myself.  I learned that Faithful is who He is and even when we are unfaithful He has to remain Faithful because He never changes.  Now when I declare a promise it's from a position of confidence knowing I can surely count on Him Faithfully enforcing it.  As an "Ambassador for Christ" His promise of protection for me and my loved ones is without condition or effort on my part and that is something I love telling others so they can get to know Jesus.

    I would love to hear your encounters as an "Ambassador for Christ"!