The Room is on Fire

  • In 2001 my life was so conflicted. The Capital Region Prayer and Healing Center had just opened in Albany, N.Y. and I was a regular member of the Monday night worship team.  I had just started working with home recording.  I had been a songwriter since I was 18 years old and this was a time in my life that exploded with new songs on a weekly basis.  I was passionately in love with Jesus and it was hard to find the balance between this passionate pursuit, my family and work life.  I was in fellowship with equally passionate individuals who were also passionately writing songs and consumed with love for Jesus.

    I was at a worship conference in Syracuse, NY with Jeremy Sinnott in 2000.  At the end of the conference, he asked if there was someone out there who would produce music just for the LORD, no profit, not fame, just God’s thumb print, then pick up this vision and do it.  I grabbed hold of that vision that day.  It was like a precious treasure in my hand.  I began to seek how it could be done.  This was prior to social media and digital recording technology was just emerging in the audio area.  My equipment was primitive.  I grabbed any book that would teach me how to record on my computer.  I invested in what I could afford and jumped in.  I had found musicians/worshippers who also shared this vision.   The director of the Prayer and Healing Center also agreed with this vision and offered space and equipment for a little studio at the center.

    My husband was not pleased that I was considering a studio at the Prayer and Healing Center in Albany.  I felt like my world was being pulled apart.  I loved my family and my job.  I knew I could carve out time for this but my husband was not so sure about that.  He knew my focus and passion.  I am sure he felt this was just another thing that would take me away from him. As much as I wanted to pursue this, I felt I was letting my husband and family down.  I couldn’t resolve this conflict.

    On my day off I drove to the Prayer and Healing Center.   I went to the prayer furnace and sat on the floor that afternoon and just cried as I sought God’s counsel.  I sat there all afternoon with God.  The director who knew I had been there alone for hours came by to talk with me. I told him I didn't think I could launch this ministry.    I was ready to hand the whole thing to someone else.  The director encouraged me to rethink my decision with God.  He felt God had given me the passion for this vision and God would make a way to give birth to what He had planned for me to do.  I returned to my husband, discussed it with him and though he wasn't thrilled, he never wanted to prevent me from doing what God wanted me to do.  He made the sacrifice for me to pursue this God given passion.   I am so grateful for a husband who has given up the time with me he desired so I could do what God has put on my heart to do.

    So, Bride's Song was born 20 years ago. The first recording four of us made together was finished on Valentine's Day, “Love's Whisper.”  It was produced as a Valentine for God alone.   Bride’s Song remained at the Prayer and Healing Center for 6-7 years producing recording after recording to be given away for free or just to cover the cost.

    As the years went by ministry there was changing and it was time for me to leave. Bride’s Song went with me with the ministry team’s blessing.  I have been the director and caretaker of Bride’s Song’s music ever since.  The ministry continues now through social media.  Many gifted artists have entrusted me with their musical creations, gifts of voice, instrumental and art over the years.   All our work is freely received and has been freely given.

    God met me with His fire that day sitting on the floor.  He gave birth to Bride’s Song in His fire.

    On a prayer call with our New York Apostolic Prayer Network a few months ago, I sensed the room was on fire once again, not just individually but this time corporately.  God reminded me of that moment in the prayer furnace 20 years ago.   This time His passionate people were meeting Him in the fire corporately.  As I finished this song, He pointed out that the last line should say “not consumed.”  He wanted to point out to me that we were in His Fire, not destroyed by it.

    I pray this song will bless you and you will find yourself in His room that is on fire.   We are learning to live in His fire and not be consumed.