When They Called Trump Cyrus- They Initiated the Time of Ezra

  • When Trump was called Cyrus - The time of Ezra began.

    "Who will go up and build a house for the Lord" Yehweh asked through Cyrus.  A small group formed to build the house of the Lord. The army was asked to provide protection.  DC insiders went to the small group formed to build the house and said let us help. The DC insiders were turned down.  The DC insiders began to actively hire people to thwart the building and the workers.  Actually going to the government to turn the government against this group who came to build the House of the Lord. Eventually, even knowing that DC was corrupt and to guard themselves, the very people who came to DC to build the house of the Lord became corrupt.  This turning away of the builders was encouraged by the religious leaders of the day.  Ezra was astonished that it was the very leaders of the faith that prayed with him that turned the builders to the corruption.  Ezra stood back in astonishment for some time.  Eventually the builders came back to Ezra and vowed to correct the past and change their ways.   The people stood up in support of Ezra and asked him to strong and Act.  A great meeting was held to discipline those that became corrupt - their names were written down.  And they began anew.

    Taken from the book of Ezra - translated to reflect Trumps time as President.