• ABBA Father, The God of all creations is still in control. No matter what we see wrong in this world, nation, our lives, things can change at the mention of His name, worry can't exist when we call out His name. For He is worthy of it all. He is all things, and deserves Glory. So when you find yourselves in the middle of a storm RAISE A HALLELUJAH and watch Heaven come and fight for you. Watch the darkness flee, the enemy shall lose his hold on you and the storm that is trying to overtake you shall be resolved when you begin to sing a little louder than your unbelief and doubt. When your storm is raging and there seems to be no relief in sight, sing a little louder, when there seems to be no answers and you have no one to turn to, RAISE A HALLELUJAH a little louder, for God has not forsaken His children that serve Him with an sincere and contrite heart. Keep praying, for His time may have not come yet to bring you out of that storm. But when it is His time to bring you out you will know and He will do so quickly. So do not give up, or give in to that's the way it is, raise your praise, faith and trust in the one that created all things including you. For He never created anything that could not be used to bring Glory, Honor, praise unto Him and gladness to His heart. 

     Deuteronomy  6:5;    Love ADONAI, your God with all your heart and all your soul and with all your strength.

    Once He has answered your enduring request, never forget to give Him all the praise He deserves cause you had done all you could do and it did not work, so It had to be God that brought you through the storm.  RAISE A HALLELUJAH A LITTLE LOUDER.