For every action, there is a reaction......

  • In the book of Amos, we read that God brought judgment down on nations that disobeyed His directions. But His judgement would not descend without a cause.  We have heard all of our life , " FOR EVERY ACTION, THERE IS A REACTION " and how true that has been. With God's judgment in Amos, it was the cause for every effect. Every disobedient has a correction, maybe not instantly, but it will come.

       If one follows after God and Blesses His heart,  that person shall see His Blessing. Again, maybe not right away, it may just be when we need it by God's time table and not our own. And when the Blessing comes, such Peace, Comfort, and the sense of great victory overcomes us that it is hard to explain 

     The nations in Amos that disobeyed God had the reaction of God's judgement come down upon them.  Brothers and sisters, if the Nation in which we live does not turn back to God's heart and obedience to him, His judgment shall come down in his timing and place as he directs. 

      May God hear our cry, hear from Heaven and save this Nation from the evilness that has taken over.