•   Lost in the atmosphere, not getting past the ceiling, why are my prayers not being answered? Do you ever feel that way when a clear path through the storm, circumstances or trials you face cannot be seen?

      You pray for God to reveal anything that may be hindering His clear direction or will to be done and yet, still no answers. You go for days, weeks, months, and even years and no answers but you still pray for direction cause His word tells us not to give up, to keep your request before Him.

      As time goes on you get discouraged,and even begin to accept this is the way it's going to be. You are on the verge of God's no answer is a big "no". But what you must accept, our time is not God's time nor, our way is His way. God's timing is perfect and shall bring Honor and Praise to Him. 

      You see the storm getting worse as each month passes by with no relief in sight, but then circumstance begins to connect together and within two days you see the storm you have been in for years begin to dissipate, and within 7 days that storm has lifted. Oh what a relief, a feeling that unless you walk in those shoes in that storm, you could never know how it feels. That's why we sing HALLELUJAH because that's the highest praise you can give ABBA Father and He deserves all we can give.

      See in times of God's quietness He is still listening and walking with you through the storm. He is our Healer, Deliver, our Rock. our Salvation, our Provider, He will never forsake nor leave you. In the storms of life, God will be right with you to lead you in ways you may not see until the storm has passed. When you have done all you can do but pray, God shows up to do what only He can do. 

      So no matter what your storm is, no matter how the outcome seems to be, never stop keeping your request before God, don't leave your trust and faith in Him, in the storm. For He is leading you through and when the storm is passed, the Blessing you shall feel, words will not describe. 

      So remember, when you have done all you can, then it's time for God to do what only He can do.



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