• PURIM, do you know what it represents and when it is recognized?  Here we will give you a little information to get you interested in looking this day up to read  for yourself. 

    The meaning of the word Purim is "lots", referring to the lottery used to choose the date to destroy the Jewish people (Esther 9:20-28)

       PURIM; is celebrated on the 14th day of Adar, which usually occurs in March. Adar is a month of miracles, where Adonai turns things around for the good. It's a month of walking in Faith. This year, 2024 It was March 21st.

       Purim is a celebration of victory of God's people, teaching us to have faith in God, and follow the Holy Spirit.

       Purim comes from the book of ESTHER when she and her people were delivered from Haman's directions of destroying all the Jews, the people of Mordecai, who were throughout the whole kingdom of Ahasuerus. Haman Hates the Jews because Mordecai would not bow down and pay Honor to Haman since he was elevated by King Ahasuerus to sit in the chair above all the officials and servants. (you must read ESTHER to see the reason why Haman hated the Jews and why he wanted them eliminated). 

       As you read ESTHER, you will see that God, ABBA Father, Jesus Christ, Yeshua , Holy Spirit, nor Satan are not mentioned by name, but are seen through certain people. So while you read this beautiful story of God's Grace and Mercy look and see if you can recognize who represents who. 

        ESTHER= bride of Messiah (us)

        King Ahasuerus= Yeshua ( Christ)

        Mordecai=  the Holy Spirit

        Haman= satan

        Amalekites=the enemy's attackers

    PURIM is a celebration of victory in "our" life! To walk in this victory, we must cast out all the Amalekites in our life, the attacks (troubles, conflicts, etc...) from satan that is trying to kill, steal and destroy us.

    We must listen to and be led by our Mordecai, the Holy Spirit. We must have faith, not being afraid to stand up and speak out against the enemy. 

    I know this is Palm Sunday, but read ESTHER first and get an understanding just How Great our God is that leads into this Resurrection week of YESHUA, Jesus Christ who is our Savior.

    My you have victory and be blessed in this Resurrection week.