Jesus Still Speaks to us in the garden,!

  • Today, while I was tilling up a new  spot for another garden, I had stopped to rake the grass up out of the new spot and I was pulling a long when suddenly a voice spoke out and said, "IF YOU WILL SWEEP THE GARDEN, you want be as tired"  and I replied, sweeping the garden, that is a new concept, so I position the garden rake in my hand like a broom and begin to sweep, it was easier, and seem to go quicker and less tiring. 

    I started thinking about Adam and Eve In Gen chapter 3, they were to take care of the Garden God had given them. as we read we saw they failed God and did just what He had commanded them not to do. And for their disobedience they were put out of the garden never to be allowed back in. 

    You say where are you going with this and what is the point? Well it's about FAILURE. See, even though Adam & Eve failed to take care of the garden, God did not abandon them, He first dressed them, then He protected them by putting them out of the garden and putting guards at the entrance so they could not return. Then He blessed them. I would believe that they learned a thing or two and if they could have had another chance as the care takers  of the garden, they would have done things a little different and the outcome would have been successful.


    When you do not succeed at a task, a job, or an assignment, or even if you feel you have failed God, Don't give up, God does not want you to see yourself as a failure, He wants you to learn and if the opportunity arise again, if you are given a second chance at an assignment, not to make the same era as before. Learn what went wrong, correct the decisions that was wrong and do not follow the same path that led to your un-successfulness  the first time. See God will lead you in every task of life, every decision and every direction you should go. We must always remember, it's not a failure if we learn from it, It's a learning experience to be successful when we are given another chance.

    Read Gen. Chapter 3 and 4 and see just how God took care of them if you have forgotten.