PASSOVER WEEK! Read Exodus 12 - 15!!!!!

  • If you are one that thinks because of Yeshua, Jesus Christ went to the Cross, suffered, bled and died for our sins, arose and ascended to sit on the right hand of ABBA Father to be an intercessor for you under God's Grace and the Old Testament has nothing for you, then I appeal to you to read just one story of many in the Old Testament. In the book of Exodus, chapters 12 through 15. It tells the event called "THE PASSOVER LAMB" it begins with ADONAI speaking to Moses and Aaron to give instructions for the children of Israel to take blood and put it on the door post and crossbeam of their houses. Then in verse 12, ADONI says that He will go through the land at night and strike down every firstborn, both men and animals and will execute judgments against all the god's of Egypt. Then He says "this day is to be a memorial for you/ You are to keep it as a feast to ADONAI throughout your generations , you are to keep it  as an eternal ordinance.

    Then we go to chapter 13 and 14, where we see that God drove the sea back with a strong east wind throughout the night and turned the sea into dry land.  And I believe if He turned it into dry land then it was solid enough for the children of Israel to walk over the ground without any problems.14:22 the waters were like walls to them on their right and left side. The Egyptians pursued them into the midst of the sea and all of Pharaoh's horses. Through circumstances that God created through the night, the Egyptians were wanting to get away.

    Then we see that ADONAI said to Moses to stretch out his hand over the sea, so that the waters would come back upon the Egyptians. So as Moses did, the sea returned to its strength at the break of dawn. The Egyptians were consumed in the midst of the sea. So ADONAI  saved Israel that day. 

    (You must read chapters 12 through 15 and receive the whole story.)

    The reason for this story is, if you are facing a sea that is too wide,  a mountain too high, or woods that you can't see past the first row, and think that there are no way around, over or through, remember what ADONAI our God, did for the  children of Israel. He provided a way when no one could see a way and the end did not look good. So if you find yourself in a battle, and the devil has your mind thinking you might as well give up, you remind him what God has, can and will do just for you. RAISE  your Faith and Trust in the "GREAT I AM"  for when you cannot go any further, God is still the answer and will show up just in time.                  

    This is PASS OVER WEEK, and even though  we may not be born Jewish, we are grafted in and we should pray, rejoice Honor and respect this time of God's  deliverance  of not just the Israel people, but for those of us that have been grafted into the family of ABBA Father. God can change your circumstance in ways you can not see.