• As we approach Mothers Day 2024 I can't help but to reflect back on Mothers Days from the past. From 1956 to the present day I am overwhelmingly thankful for the two moms I had to guide me. One I called mama because she chose to give me life, my other mom, I called momow, she was my aunt and my mother's closet sister.  I was the only child my mom had but momow, my aunt, had two girls and one boy who I considered my brother and sisters. My aunt treated me as one of her own, and my mom treated them as her own. I tell you this because the two moms I had came from a heritage line of moms that believe in family helping family and that included parenting the children when needed, weather she gave birth to them or not.

     They came from a long heritage line of God fearing, Christ forgiven,  Spirit filled anointing, tongue praying, David dancing before the Lord moms that not only believed in prayer but believed that God would answer those prayers, even as they prayed. Moms that would stop whatever they were doing when the Holy Spirit urged them to pray for someone or something that they themselves may not even know what it was. 

    My two moms never stopped praying for any of our family (and there were many in our extended family that needed healing and salvation)  but by not giving up God answered their prayers. God took both moms home to Heaven in the fall of 1996 within two months of one another and before they could rejoice in seeing God answered many of their prayers.  However, I am sure that over the past 28 years they have danced as David danced and have been praising ABBA Father over each one of their prayers being answered.

    I tell you this because I know that both of them kept me in their prayers and through their prayers God kept me safe from many dangerous times during my life in my state and federal service over 50 years and in my life journey as a whole.

    That brings me to this, looking over the past several weeks of many of our colleges having the protest that has gotten out of hand, I wonder where are the praying moms? You may say, well, they are praying for their children at school, and yes many probably are, we pray. However, my question today is this, where are the God fearing, Christ forgiven, Spirit filled anointing, tongue praying, David dancing moms of today that will not stop. 

    So this Mothers Day, put all moms at the top of your prayer list right under Israel. So future generations as God provides and allows, may have the praying moms that many of us have had in our heritage. 


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