• Hi again. I am new member to Zapit and will share one blog each Monday. Maybe I can share a little about myself.

    I became a Christian in 1951. and rededicated my life to the Lord in 1991. I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart and have been a Christian for 70 years.

    In 1994, I developed an interest in writing and began taking a writing class at the local PCC College in Portland, Oregon. This class would change my life. When I started the class, I didn't know an adverb from a noun. Therefore, to work in the inter-active class, I created the title, theme, and story-line of Deadly Port.

    I later changed from fiction to nonfiction because I hoped to help other Christians through my writing and leading of the Holy Spirit. When I first started writing, I needed to differentiate my fiction and nonfiction for my readers. Therefore, in honor of my deceased Swedish mom, I began writing my nonfiction with her maiden name under the pseudonym of Lindquist. I continue to write under that name today.

    My passion is writing so I decided to further my education by attending Jerry Jenkins CWG (Christian Writers Guild) and learn how to write right. After three years of schooling, I graduated as a journeyman. The Lord gave James a clear mandate to write for Him. However, I am STILL learning the craft of writing and do my best to listen to God. Are we ever finished with either. :-)

    To date, I authored five Christian nonfiction books: The Final Cup, Back to Eden, Seeking God, Seeking Man, and The CobbleStone Road. I need to edit Seeking man which the first rough draft is complete. I also need to finish The Cobblestone Road. The Lord is not giving me any time to rest in between books, but I love it. Writing is my passion.

    I still had a desire to try a fiction piece. The Lord recently gave me the desires of my heart with a fiction project called "The Dead Know Nothing." Considering the days in which we find ourselves, is it any wonder that the book's theme will be the salvation of souls, with a twist. James is excited about his recent fiction project and the direction in which God is taking him. I am so thankful that Christ loves me and gave me a part and purpose in the Kingdom of God.

    After graduating from CWG, I took a course from Jerry Jenkin's new advanced writer's guild, an advanced writer's guild. I graduated last year. Jerry Jenkins had passed the mantle to CWG, and created a more in depth and advanced guild, to which I belong. For those budding authors, you can reach Jerry Jenkins at

    How I received the inspiration for the title, The Dead Know Nothing, along with the desire to write this fiction piece, is a story all by itself. Maybe I'll write next weeks blog on that process as an encouragement to my writing colleagues. God is NO respecter of person.

    I would be happy to have you stop by and read my material. Be sure to leave a comment for me, even if you disagree. Over the years, I have learned a lot from dissenting opinions. In fact, you can learn more from differing opinions than you can from agreements. So leave me a comment on my little corner of the Web. Not to worry about a differing opinion. I'm confident in my faith.

    God bless each one of you. Thanks for stopping by. It means a lot to him.