I’m Invisible

  • Everything going on today is way beyond man’s capacity to sin and is nothing short of satanic. Satan is making his move, even if it is before its time, which is his plan. The “What if” scenario says that if Satan can squash one point (jot or title) [1], he makes God out to be a liar, a false God, and Satan wins.

    Is there any question, whatsoever that the world is experiencing the onset of the last days? Every aspect governing our lives today, is corrupt. The government cannot save us, 46 can definitely not save us, and 45 cannot save us. There is only one person who can save us, and that is the person of Jesus Christ. Anyway:

    v23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; [Colossians 3:23 KJV]

    While searching for some JPGs on my laptop, I ran across a five-minute video I was compelled to boot. (Gee, I wonder who compelled me?) Thanks for the blessing, Lord. As I approach the end of my days, the woman’s theme touched my heart in a huge and personal way, so much so that with just three little words… had me in literal tears.

    I could easily turn this blog into a five- or six-page effort but not many would read it. Therefore, I’ll only summarize her five-minute message. The crux of her message was, her husband, family, and some friends ignored her… a lot. She came to the conclusion that she was invisible.

    The narrator of this video, let’s call her Mary, for I could not find her name anywhere [2], told of a friend who traveled to England and brought back a beautiful book for her, depicting the great cathedrals of Europe. Some structures took more than one builder’s lifetime to build [3]. Whereupon she scoured the book for the names of the builders of the enormous and elaborate structures. The results of her search yielded the same answer each time; builder: unknown. Builder: unknown. Builder: unknown. Each builder built the cathedral knowing they’d never get any credit.

    Mary capped her story telling her audience of one particular builder who carved a bird into a rafter of one of the cathedrals that would be covered by a roof. Whereby someone asked him, “Why are you going to so much trouble in carving that when ‘no one’ will ever see it?” It is reported that the man replied, “Because God will see it.” This story was a blessing in and of itself, but wait, there’s more.

    Mary next relayed to her audience that immediately upon hearing the man’s reply. She heard a clear, soft spoken, and distinct voice in her spirit… “I see you; you are not invisible to me.

    Those three little words brought tears to my eyes. They were leaking all over my face. By extension, I heard the Lord say the same thing in my own spirit, simultaneously. It was like the Lord was speaking just to me. God sees me every day. It amazes me that I am not invisible to God and He sees me and what I do. God has seen everything I’ve ever done for my family. God also sees you; He knows all your comings and your goings [4]. So, do everything as unto the Lord [5]. He is no respecter of person [6]. So, it doesn’t matter if they don’t see. We don’t serve them, we serve Him [7].

    v21 For his eyes are upon the ways of man, and he seeth all his goings. [Job 34:21 KJV]


    Oh Lord, where do I begin? Lord, I come into your presence with thanksgiving and love in my heart. Thank you for leading me back to that file. What a fantastic time I had with you. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you that I am not invisible to you. I do exist and am valuable to you. I pray that what you see in me pleases you. Lord, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you for my family. I love them dearly. I would literally take their place and die for any one of them. I cannot die for their sins like you did for me, but I would trade my life for theirs in a heartbeat, if needed. Thank you for dying for me, Lord. Somehow, a simple thank you, doesn’t seem like enough. Thank you for the gift of life. My gift back to you is what I do with that life to the best of my ability. I am so-o-o sorry, and repent for those times that I wasn’t pleasing to you, and Lord, there have been many times of failure. Thank you for your forgiveness, grace, and mercy of which I have been the recipient of, many times over. I give you praise and honor and it is in your name that I pray. AMEN!


    While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us [8]. We are valuable to Him.


    [1] Matthew 5:18

    [2] Given the crux of her message, I can totally understand why she didn’t give her name or was it on the opening marquee.

    [3] 100 years

    [4] Psalm 121:8

    [5] Colossians 3:23

    [6] Romans 2:11-16; Acts 10:28, 34,35

    [7] Acts 5:29

    [8] Romans 5:8


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    James Warren This is Jim. There is a link on the bottom of my blog that you might want to watch. It will bless your socks off. (Maybe even bring a tear to your eyes.
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