Man Starts A Food Co-OP

  • Jeremy Shannon wants to start a Food Co-OP  in the next few months in the city of Port Jervis. This Food Co-Op will be selling a variety of things with a larger selection of organic foods. 

    This initiative will allow the community to engage first hand while supplying sustainability and healthier choices.  Shannon stated that these type of projects can even help take care of flood victims in times of need. 

    Food Co-OPs that have already been established do allow for child care for parents to shop. The team is beginning to grow a d they are discussing and working on Grant's for the project. There is fee for membership for Food Co-OP, but it can be sponsored.

    "There's a cutting cheese Committee and we don't get involved with Washington Politics." says Shannon. 

    Shannon stated, the Food Co-OP is a big community grocery store for people to go to locally and be able to participate fully. 

    There are new members that are in the beginning stages of working with the organization. "Will there be a compost", a young lady asked. Shannon mentioned that it was something they were interested in. 

    Check out video below 

    God's News Network Investigative Report

    Shannon said, "you will get bananas locally." Shannon continued to say that a membership would be needed. He also said that are 50,000 members already in other Food Co-ops. There are dozens of people coming there.The bigger ones have up to a 1000 members. 

    Shannon said that he wants to form a community of 42 members to start. Seigel says "there are 8,000 people in Port Jervis and more from the surrounding areas and states. 

    Shannon says "there are pledge members for the organization." Shannon continues "We are going to be at the Fall Foliage Festival." 

    Shannon says "when the grants comes in and the membership fees will be collected the organization will launch the Food Co-OP. They are looking for volunteers of all ages to help with a variety of thi gs from Child care, to cutting cheese, to stocking up vegetables.