21 Day Prayer Challenge for The Faithful Remnants

  • Day 1 of 21

    Acts 6:4

    4 but we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the world. 

    As we get closer to The Faithful Remnants being launched. I am going to challenge you to pray. Our focus and mission is to pray for what is ahead and what Jesus is commanding us to do. The Faithful Remnants is a Christian based Self Advocacy program for people with Developmental Disabilities to have a voice and to learn how to Self Advocate for themselves as Jesus Self Advocated for Himself and that's our goal for The Faithful Remnants to teach these individuals and to Minister to them.

    Prayer focus 

    Pray that God will use this organization to teach others to follow Him. The whole purpose of The Faithful Remnants is to give people with Developmental Disabilities the resources that they need. Pray that God will show them those resources.