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  • We will STAND! Our KING is our Father! Only he moves us as we move through HIM! Let's stand together and show our power Folk's we have products that will keep you healthy and safe! If you do not want to be vaccinated then don't! It's YOUR body! GOD'S body! Do not poisen HIS temple! Please come visit there you will find healthy nutritional supplements and products that DOES REDUCE COVID-19 AND ALL OTHER BACTERIA, VIRUSIUS, AND ALL RNA, DNA diseases AIRBORNE OR SURFACE by 99.96% WITHIN 3 MINS! Reap what you sow! Come help plant the seed as we partake in making the evil fall as we harvest the righteous! visit www.vollara.comEthanCoe There you can sign up and join my team and I! One Nation Under God! Call or Text 970-367-3819 for help and more information!
  • 10/3/21 at 6:30 AM -
    10/17/21 at 6:47 PM
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    ZOOM! Download the app! Meeting name is- Glory to God! Personal Meeting# 678 095 1585 Password is: Faith! Map
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