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  • Sunday Message Pray For Trump And Do Not Take The Mark of The Beast! The Beast System is Here!

    Dear Precious Saints and ULTRA MAGA Family in Donald Trump is The Legitimate POTUS Who Won 2020 Today is Sunday, September 4th, 2022 I am sharing A Message for ANYONE who will listen especially for those in The Endtime Remnant from Jesus to me, Michelle Katherine Orts for all of us in The Endtime Remnant The Holy Royal Warrior Bride of Christ Jesus our LORD GOD AND KING JESUS GOD MADE FLESH! Happy Blessed Sunday! September, 4th, 2022 Dear friends, Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus Our Lord, Hi all! I don't know how many of you, our online, and in the real world, XAPIT friends, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, got a chance to watch Trump via live stream in Wilks-Barre Pennsylvania last night? My husband @David Orts and I watched Trump via RSBN's Rumble live stream, on our digital ROKU. Towards the very end of the televised Trump Rally, what appeared to be Holy Thunder could be heard alongside some out of the ordinary (for a Trump Rally) pre-recorded orchestral music accompanied by what sounded like Holy Angels playing and singing their instruments. God's Presence was definitively there. Many of us had been interceding in prayer in Jesus' Name via the RSBN live chat for Trump to renounce his part of promoting the jab. That didn't happen, but at least Trump stopped talking about the vaccine. Trump totally stopped trying to make excuses or for taking credit for his accomplishment regarding the implementation of "Warp Speed" and didn't mention it one time last night. Thank the Lord! I think Jesus' Holy Spirit is convicting him, as most of us, know that he was deceived by the so-called medical "experts"who evidently believe in depopulating the world (and stealing eternal souls) by implementing what will ultimately become The Biblical Mark of The Beast. Jesus has shown me and my husband David, as well as many others (including some of you) that the mRNA Jab(s) contain Fallen Angel DNA and will become the Biblical fulfillment of The Mark of The Beast as well as The Abomination of Desolation seating himself, The Beast's Mark (Patent #060606) in The Holy Temple. We, The Church are Living Stones and house The Holy Spirit. Collectively, we The Entire Ecclesia= Church, including The Endtime Remnant now on earth, are The Holy Temple of God. Satan wants to steal God's Holy Children away from God by deleting and rewriting, overwriting our Created in God's Image Eternal Identity by attempting to Seal us with The Beast's Image. DNA = Image. Lucifer's name is in the actual ingredients contained in the Jab (in all brands and types of mRNA technologies) in the form of Luciferin and Luciferase. God does not want any of His Children to be marked or Sealed by Satan. Marked means to be engraved, pierced or injected. The Bible states that The Mark of The Beast will happen in three different manners: Worshipping/Obeying/Honoring /Submitting oneself unto The Beast's Name and/or Worshipping/Obeying/Honoring /Submitting oneself unto The Beast's Number and/or Worshipping/Obeying/Honoring /Submitting oneself unto The Beast's Image. AND all three denials of Jesus include Denying Jesus as Lord God in the flesh. That is the final step of losing one's ETERNAL Salvation. The only unforgivable sin is The Blasphemy of The Holy Spirit which is calling Satan Good and calling God evil. Repent if you or your loved ones have taken the mRNA Jab or any boosters. Eternal souls are in jeapordy! The mRNA jabs will incrementally turn into The Mark of The Beast within the human body, self replicating and self-multiplying. I have been shown by Jesus that the mRNA Jab is a Fallen Angel technology. The Bible states that The Last Generation right before Jesus' Return will be like "The Days of Noah" when the Fallen Angels procreated smong human women and subsequently this act changed the human women's children's genetic identities both physical and spiritual forever. LOST!. The Fallen Angels"Mingled" their Serpent (Iron) Seed = DNA within The Clay (Human) Seed.= DNA. They, The Fallen Angels secretly living on earth among us, looking human like us, are doing it again now using Big Pharma =Pharmakea = Satanic Sorcery. There is also aborted=murdered baby blood and tissue purportedly used in the testing and manufacturing processes of mRNA and other "products" including the mRNA Jabs from all manufacturers. Satanic ceremonies are also alleged to have occurred and are allegedly continuing in association with Global One World Order Lucuferian dedicated entities and governments allegedly including but not limited to: CERN, NASA, WEF, WHO and many others hidden from man's view but not from God's sight. Nothing is hidden from God. Jesus is building His Endtime Temple, His Holy Living Temple, The Body, The Church in us through us and for us, to be claimed by Himself upon His Return AFTER the Tribulation of those days. Read The Word! It is all in The Holy Bible what is happening. The Book of revelation is now underway and has been for some time now. We and our children, grandchildren and for some of us perhaps even great-grandchildren, are The LAST GENERATION. We are The Elisha Generation. We have been given by Jesus' Holy Spirit, a DOUBLE PORTION, A DOUBLE BLESSING in order that we will remain strong to stand against the enemy of God. The Satanic One World Order Beast System is rising in this world and We The Warrior Bride of Christ, are in a VERY REAL Battle. We fight not against flesh and blood but against spiritual principalities and powers. Our Weapons are also spiritual and we must put on our Holy Armor and get into God's Holy Word deeply in order to fight properly. God's Word is our Sword. Truth of God is our offensive weapon. God's Joy is our Strength. Joy is different than happiness and is not dependent upon our surroundings or our circumstances! We are IN this world but are not OF this world. Jesus will NOT leave us. Jesus is going to be with us right now by His Holy Spirit in us strengthening us in this world in the midst of Tribulation. Jesus NEVER SAID that He would take us out of this world! We will leave this world ONLY until either Jesus Returns to rescue Israel when she is surrounded on all sides by The Anti-Christ's Global Army OR until He calls us home according to our uniquely apportioned time here on earth has been fulfilled according to God's Holy and Perfect Will. Remember until we hear The Last Trumpet sound and until we all see Jesus come into view as Lightning strikes from the East to the West and NOT UNTIL we SEE THE DEAD IN CHRIST RAISED FROM THE DEAD FIRST, THEN AND ONLY THEN shall we, all in Christ Jesus who remain ALIVE still on earth, be CHANGED IN A TWINKLING OF AN EYE, RAISED UP IN THE AIR (RAPTURED) TO MEET JESUS IN THE AIR TO BE ALONGSIDE OF OUR WARRIOR KING IN BATTLE TO RESCUE ISRAEL HIS CHOSEN. WE THE GRAFTED ONTO THE TRUE VINE, WE THE WILD VINE REMNANT, THE SAINTS OF GOD, WILL BE RIDING OUR OWN WHITE HORSES JUST AS OUR KING JESUS WILL LEAD US INTO BATTLE ON HIS WHITE HORSE TO OVERCOME SATAN BY THE SWORD OF HIS MOUTH. JESUS WILL BE JUDGING THE ANGELS (AND WE WILL BE INCLUDED JUDGING THE ANGELS) AND WE WILL WORSHIP OUR KING JESUS FOREVER BEING WITH JESUS INTO THE NEW MILLENIUM INTO THE ETERNAL KINGDOM OF JESUS, THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, TO RULE AND TO REIGN WITH JESUS AS CO-HEIRS WITH HIM FOR ALL ETERNITY. It's all in God's Word. Please continue to pray for President Donald John Trump, for our US Republic and sll Freedom loving people globally to remain yielded to Jesus' Holy Spirit by The Intercession of The Remnant standing in the gsp. Pray for Jesus' Holy Spirit to speak to Trump's heart and mind, pray for Godly Wise Councilors who revere Creator God Jesus to advise him. Pray for souls to be saved globally in Jesus' Name. Pray in the Power of Jesus' Holy Spirit speaking and declaring God's Holy and Perfect Will for every single human soul. It is the Will of God that all should repent, turn from their evil deeds, confess Jesus is Lord before men and women. It is God's Will that NONE would perish snd that all would inherit eternal life. It us God's Will to heal us all, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is God's Perfect and Holy Will for each one of us to walk by Faith and not by sight giving Jesus all The Glory everyday for everything. Walk in Agape Love for that is how the world will recognize us and see The Light of Christ in us The Hope of Glory. God HEARS YOUR PRAYERS, OUR PRAYERS are precious in the Sight of The Lord! Receive THE FULLNESS OF GOD'S LOVE FOR YOU NOW, RIGHT NOW! Receive, believe, give thanks to God and go, go wherever and whenever Jesus sends you to go. The Kingdom of God is present here now within every True Believer, every child of God. Go and be a Blessing, here, online, in your homes to your family, call a loved one, make peace, forgive and ask forgiveness, intercede, heal the sick, raise the dead, Preach, Teach, Evangelize, Prophesy, do MIGHTY EXPLOITS FOR JESUS' NAME FOR OUR KING IS A MIGHTY LION AND HIS THUNDER IS HIS HOLY ROAR! -In Jesus' Holy and Agape Love, Mrs. Michelle Katherine Orts, Prophetic Music Minister w/ my loving husband Apostolic Ordained Minister David Orts Join us in all our XAPIT groups: Hear The Lions Roar Remnant Christian Army Donald John Trump is The Legitimate POTUS Who Won 2020 Vaccine Stuff We will share our other online ministry projects TBA TOPIC: #TheJab #WarpSpeed #TRUMP #PRAYER #TheMarkOfTheBeast #BookOfRevelation #TheLastWeek #KINGDOMMINDED #TRIBULATION #TrumpRally #Prayer #HolyThunder! #Angels #LastGeneration #Global #REMNANT #HEARTHELIONSROAR #HearTheLionsRoarRemnantChristianArmy #DonaldTrumpIsTheLegitimatePOTUSWhoWon2020 #VaccineStuff #REMNANTCHRISTIANARMY #TheRemnant #WarriorBride #JesusIsLord #ULTRAMAGA #STANDING This is a message from Jesus concerning Livestream America First Trump Rally Wilkes-Barre PA Last night Saturday, September 3rd, 2022 and The Mark of The Beast, The Beast System is here.-Michelle Katherine Orts September 4th, 2022