Thursday, January 12th, 2023 Topic: #PrayForPOTUS45ToREPENT! Dear MAGA Fam! Please would you sincerely pray that our beloved true and legitimite, still currently our CIC, our 45th US President, Donald John Trump, will publicly, and most importantly, privately before Creator God, REPENT to God for his involvement in promoting Americans and people in all nations, to take the never before tested for safety in humans, Genetic Modification Device aka mRNA "vaccines"? I believe, and Jesus' Holy Spirit has shown me, that Trump was deceived by Luciferian, Globalist, demon-controlled minds such as: Fauci, Birx, Obama, Rice, Brennan, Pelosi, Clinton et al. and a very very long list of Illuminati including The Roman Pontiff False Prophet Pope Francis The 112th Black Pope who was prophesied by Saint Malachy be The Last Pope before The Great and Terrible Day of The Lord. There are Satanically aligned governmental officials who have infiltrated our US and International Allied Global Governments, US Military and Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Media et al. in all infrastructures and in every nation. I plead the Holy Blood of Jesus upon you the reader and upon your entire households right now, upon all who may have been injected in your families who were threatened, coerced, deceived or manipulated. I pray forgiveness upon our true legitimate POTUS 45 on behalf of all injured or deceased due to the Gain of Function added, BioWeaponized, mRNA, genocidal and falsely identified as "vaccine" injections. May Creator God Jesus forgive DJT and all who participated willingly or unwillingly in this mass extermination of humanity! We MUST PUT A STOP TO ALL LIES, ALL DESTRUCTION OF HUMANITY due to Luciferian LIES. I declare that Jesus is God in the flesh. Warning! Do not willingly or knowingly take ANY MORE INJECTIONS of ANY KIND. The medical system has been hijacked by malcontent individuals who Love Money more than Eternal Life found only in Jesus! The mRNA was shown to me by Jesus to contain Fallen Angel DNA and will morph into The Mark Of The Beast. The timing of the transformation process is different for each individual. God sees each heart and knows each person's motives. Worshipping The Name (Luciferase/Luciferin), The Number (Patent#060606) or The Image (Fallen Angel DNA = Synthetic Identical to Cobra/Crate/Scorpion Venom and self -replicating and self-producing S-Spike Proteins) is simply giving Honor to or Obedience to The Beast System. Trusting in "the science" placing man's ways ABOVE God's Holy Way! Jesus is The ONLY WAY to God The Father and Jesus Is The Only Mediator between Mankind and Father God, The ONLY WAY to enter Heaven is through The Shed and Perfect Sinless Blood of Jesus. Repent and intercede on behalf of your loved ones who have sinned or have been deceived by the enemy of Creator God Jesus. Satan is a real entity, a Fallen Angel. We are AT WAR! In Jesus' Agape Love, Mrs. Michelle Katherine Orts, Prophetic Minister w/ husband Ordained Fivefold Apostolic Minister David Orts Founders of Donald John Trump Is The Legitimate POTUS Who Won In 2020 and many other media ministries.