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Robin Bullock: A Stunning Call for 9 Prophets: Pound the Ground and Decree...

Posted by Steve Shultz
Originally streamed on 2/23/21.

Used with permission by Robin D. Bullock and The Eleventh Hour.

Watch the full video at:

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  • Wayne Lizotte
    Wayne Lizotte   ·  May 15
    A huge fan of eleventh hour and intelligence briefing.. love it
  • Victoria Zee
    Victoria Zee   ·  Apr 5
    Psalms 23 speaks of God’s rod and Staff that are a comfort, i looked up the Hebrew word for staff in that psalm, it means “to lean on” in the name of Jesus, YOU are my shepherd, Your rod & staff comfort me, i can lean on you, your word, you are...  more
  • Paul Sconce
    Paul Sconce   ·  Mar 21
    I just simply stomped my feet...
  • Judith Baker
    Judith Baker   ·  Mar 19
    I don't consider myself a prophet but I pray with my Ezekiel Staff and I pounded cause I do know how to pray!
  • Jan Burlet
    Jan Burlet   ·  Mar 14
    Wow powerful words we need to embrace and share!
  • Deborah Shoults
    Deborah Shoults   ·  Mar 12
    This was a powerful word!
  • Giovanna Dasso
    Giovanna Dasso   ·  Mar 8
    My family went outside and grabbed branches to proclaim the victory, and the words of thre prophets into existence. I have full faith that this shook the spiritual realm. Woohoo
  • Lodi Henson
    Lodi Henson   ·  Mar 8
    My husband and I also grabbed what we could to use as a staff and pounded dirt. These are great times.
  • Andrea Smith
    Andrea Smith   ·  Mar 5
    My hubby and I walked our property and found a fallen tree branch—a perfect size to use as a staff. Together we made our decrees and pounded the staff three times to follow the word of the Lord as directed through His prophet.
  • Simone Grobler
    Simone Grobler   ·  Mar 4
    It doesn't matter where you are in the world, im pounding too here in South Africa. Praying for America.

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