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============================= COME, VICTORIOUS ONE, AND LIGHT OUR WAY! YOU WIN! JOHNNY ENLOW, NASHVILLE, TN (Prophetic word released on January 10, 2021) Oh what a great and crushing defeat satan is about to experience! The pain will be second only to wh... See More
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  • Beverley Genat
    Beverley Genat   ·  Jan 13
    2 Chronicles 20: 20-22
  • Jennifer Uhlarik
    Jennifer Uhlarik   ·  Jan 13
    Amen, come Lord! I had the picture come to mind the other day of the Lion of Judah roaring over DC, and the land across the entire earth buckled and shook, all the way to California.
  • Larry Vander Schaaf
    Larry Vander Schaaf   ·  Jan 13
    Jennifer Clark... Have you seen Johnny's words lately? They're powerful!
  • Misty Costa
    Misty Costa   ·  Jan 12
  • Karen (Kat) Moore
    Karen (Kat) Moore   ·  Jan 12
    This was so beautiful. I would like the share it on my FB page if that's okay. They all need to hear it and I'm trying to get them over here.
  • Lonzine Lee
    Lonzine Lee   ·  Jan 12

  • J and K Thill
    J and K Thill   ·  Jan 12
    Yes, Lord!
  • Tawny Nelson
    Tawny Nelson   ·  Jan 12
    Yes, Lord Jesus! Let it be! Woohoo!
  • Andrea Hobart
    Andrea Hobart   ·  Jan 12
    Thank you Lord Jesus!! I believe!! Amen!!!
  • Wise Smith
    Wise Smith   ·  Jan 12
    Praise and thanks to the Lord our Rescuer!

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