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========================= A FLYING SCROLL AND A BLOWING TRUMPET (A WARNING AND A PROMISE FOR ELECTION OFFICIALS/FBI/DOJ/SCOTUS) JOHNNY ENLOW, NASHVILLE, TN Prophetic word released on February 6, 2021: I was awakened today with this. There is a present da... See More
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  • Sharon Baldwin
    Sharon Baldwin   ·  Feb 8
    So reassuring.
  • Sujan Ghimire
    Sujan Ghimire   ·  Feb 8
    Thanks for sharing these words

  • Karlyn Black
    Karlyn Black   ·  Feb 8
    Amen in Jesus's name! Thank you for sharing this Word from our Lord, He is so good to us and mighty to save!
  • Gabriele Day
    Gabriele Day   ·  Feb 8
  • CL Koshiba Luii
    CL Koshiba Luii   ·  Feb 8
    In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen
  • bonnie kepner
    bonnie kepner   ·  Feb 8
    Amen and hallelujah... God's power to be shown
  • Daniel and Jen Murray
    Daniel and Jen Murray   ·  Feb 8
    We watch The Elijah List regularly and always enjoy hearing from the prophets. Johnny Enlow is one of our favorites. Gives us much hope and encouragement to stay positive and faithful that our current situation is not permanent, and that God will display...  more

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