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    What exactly is a promise ring? When you are a couple it is common to give each other a promise ring to show their feelings or their commitment to each other! This article will discuss the meaning, use and choice of the rings. Make sure you read the entire article!

    What is a Promise Ring?

    A promise ring is generally given to mark the commitment of a person, their feelings, or any other sign of affection in connection with love or friendship. The ring may have its own meaning, unlike a wedding or engagement rings, but it shares the same meaning.

    The promise ring you give to someone for those who are in an intimate relationship, for instance it is not a marriage or engagement proposal but it is a way to express the love you have for your other half and demonstrate your commitment to them in your heart, your feelings and desire to ensure that your relationship will last. couple.

    That is, a couple's ring or promise ring allows two individuals to remain connected for the rest of their lives, whoever they may be, thanks to a pretty piece of jewelry you can keep throughout your life, but has nothing to do with the marriage. The couple's ring can be made of diamonds, silver or gold, or even gold-plated, and it may or may be without stones. It's an attractive symbol to present to your wife.

    Which finger will be the promise ring?

    In contrast to wedding rings, the promise ring does not have any specific finger to wear. Wedding rings are generally worn on the left ring finger, regardless of whether they're constructed out of silver, gold steel or gold-plated steel, or embellished with diamonds or white stones. For the promise ring, you can put it on whichever finger you wish to wear it on. These rings can be put on the fingers with the ring on both hands, but this can cause confusion in the event of the course of a relationship.

    What are the best options for a promise ring?

    The promise ring is handed out to many people, and not just to your wife or loved one! It is obviously more usual to buy yourself rings of promise when you're in a relationship. You can gift the promise ring to a loved one to show your appreciation for them.

    Not as common, but equally feasible, this kind of rings are often given to siblings and brothers to acknowledge the relationship they have to each other for the rest of their lives. It is also sometimes possible for parents to pass on to their children a collection of family jewelry such as promise rings, that symbolize family bond and loyalty.

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    A promise or couple rings can be exchanged at any time of the year. It is possible to choose the perfect moment to express your commitment, affections or love with an engraved silver, gold, or a steel ring. There are a variety of occasions to give this kind of ring, such as an important celebration, the anniversary of a marriage or Valentine's Day.

    What can you do to ensure that you have the right size ring?

    You're sure of the promise ring, but you don't have the right size of finger for the gift recipient? You don't need to panic. Our ring guide is available online. Simply print our real-size ring sizing tool and then borrow a promise-ring from your partner. Place the ring in the hole of the ring sizer to find the perfect size!

    If you're not able to figure out the ring size of a friend, ask someone else to help you find it.

    Please note that we provide refunds and exchanges within 30 days if the ring size does not fit.