Just a Quick Note

  • This post is a bit different than my normal posts containing teachings about the ridiculous, radical, grace of God. Don't worry, I will be posting more of those in the near future.

    This post updates my profile picture and also includes a short statement about the religious church and a response. Here is that part.


    The weird thing about Evangelicals Christianity - and much of Protestant Christianity as a whole is their claim that no name is above the name of Jesus and yet they truly worship Adam as the most powerful being.

    They say Adam's sin made all evil and destined for hell.
    Jesus's righteous act made some whole and destined for heaven.

    The Bible of course says something quite different in Romans saying that the work of Jesus was more powerful than Adams and while Adam made all sinners Jesus made all righteous.

    Christianity has a rich tradition running through it that elevates the words and works of Jesus above all others... But Evangelical - and indeed even most of protestantism as a whole - seems infatuated with their true idol... Adam.


    That's why over 90% of protestant pulpit preachers deliver up messages about sin and the law as opposed to the ridiculous, radical, inexhaustible Grace of God.

    I've said it before, most churches through out the USA and probably the world, have a law based religious, legalistic message of you have to and though shalt not, as opposed to you get to, because God's great grace gives you the want to.

    Jesus did something that works for everyone. It's the individual's choice. Scripture says in the book of John that's He's the lamb that takes away the sin of the world. THAT'S ALL SIN FOR ALL TIME. He took it away, but we have to receive the gift. Also, Paul said we are no longer slaves to sin and death, but prisoners of Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Wake up "church". Get it right and quit being so sin conscious. Be righteousness conscious and actually be a human being and not a human doing. End of sermon.